Can you love others without loving yourself? We are joined this week by Rudi Lion, LMFT for a conversation on self-kindness and internal reflection. Rudi (from Episode 14: Un/Healthy Relationships) shares her perspective as a therapist both at Acacia Isla Vista and in private practice. Tune in to learn how your relationship with yourself can impact others!

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Today we discuss the origins and mission of Acacia Roots with Director Andrea Deuring! Acacia Roots provides grants to help low-income students cover insurance co-payments, coinsurance, deductibles, or other financial barriers that prevent them from accessing much-needed services. We want to disrupt inequality and give individuals the tools they need to grow into the people they want to be!

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What does it mean to exist as yourself within a pandemic? On this episode, we explore self-actualization, our anxieties, and how we are showing up - all while dealing with a very odd world around us. We are joined by Founder/CEO of the Mind + Body Initiative, Eike Daube, ACSW! Eike discusses her work as a wellness coach and the challenges she's experiencing working with clients through this time.


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How do you go from promising that you will NEVER set foot in a gym to teaching fitness classes? Jamiah Bennett talks about her journey to loving herself and her body through fitness, her experience with mental health, and what it's like to graduate college during a global pandemic. Also discussed are tips for getting started with a movement routine, creators to follow online, and what colleges can do to better serve students in mental health crises.

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Why is it important to tell stories about mental health? Today on the podcast, we're joined by Payal and Ankur Kela of ReLyfe, who talk about their mission to help people share their stories. Topics covered include vulnerability, why friends are the first line of mental health defense, and how important coffee is to the creative process.
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'Waking Up' App,
Relyfe's Journaling Wellness & Love Webinar w/ Acacia,

Jess Rodriguez, Chief Business Officer of Acacia, is taking over Sincerely, Not Okay for another episode of the Acacia Spotlight, where we highlight the clinicians, staff, and programs that make Acacia what it is today. Today we will be discussing the journey of Jonathan Truong, Acacia's Talent Acquisition Specialist and resident beacon of hope, perseverance, and sunshine! Check out our spotlights at and watch Jonathan's live on our youtube channel:

She's both a talented yogi and a psychologist, is there anything Dr. Amy Moran can't do? During this episode, we talk about the connection between mind and body, how trauma is affected by practicing yoga, and why belly breathing literally calms your nervous system down.

As the world begins to shift into the new normal, we wanted to take a second to provide some big & small tips to taking on stress, anxiety, grief, and transition during the COVID pandemic. We are joined by Acacia's Creative Director, KorbyQuan Reed!

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Acacia Reach is a video therapy service for college students and their surrounding communities! We offer weekly individual, couples, and psychiatry services wherever you need it. We are owned by dedicated therapists and psychologists, accept major insurances in California and Minnesota, and are accessible wherever you need us to be!

We strive to provide engaging and relatable providers, easy access to our services, and a community to connect and share your journey with. Start your therapy journey with us today! Visit to learn more and to request an appointment.

What is your first thought when the sound of your alarm goes off in the morning? Mine is “not already!” During my college years, I’d drowsily hit the snooze button desperately hoping for a few more moments of blissful slumber, only to repeat this unpleasant process until I HAD to get up. Thus, the “Lazy Yogini’s Guide to Morning Meditation” was born.

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